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Depression, with anxiety, crying, feeling tired, not coping and poor concentration is a secret but very common illness, which will affect 20% of Australians. Stress, Illness and childbirth can lead to anxiety/ worrying and to depression – all of which can be very successfully treated. Refer to our “Depression” site / articles…i.e. Depression.Com.Au for lots of info.

Help is very close by also – in the form of: Online e-counselling, GP’s/Counsellors/ Lifeline/Kidsline/Headspace/Mensline/Psychologists/Psychiatrists/Beyond Blue/Black Dog etc., and other support websites such as: Depression.Com.Au & BeyondBlue.Com.Au to name a few. Don’t be embarrassed to tell someone…people genuinely care. BeyondBlue.Com.Au has an Anxiety/Depression checklist(K10) under their “Facts” tab, for you to fill in and discuss with your Health Professional.

Severe Depression, on the other hand, needs Medical/Professional treatment, as left un-treated may lead to Suicidal thoughts/feelings/actions. Suicide is one of the leading killers in our society. Suicidal thoughts are generally caused when people are very depressed and with a feeling of hopelessness/being a burden/preoccupation with death - which can cause a distorted view of reality – when in fact there are many ways of recovering, as attested to by survivors (many of whom can’t believe what they were thinking/attempted suicide and were so glad they were still alive and had sought treatment). The effects of suicide on families and friends is disastrous, with copycat actions/severe depression possibly ensuing. The above supports are there for everybody. Don’t stop until you find a support that works!

“YOU WOULD NEVER ADVISE A FRIEND TO DIE. TELL YOURSELF WHAT YOU WOULD TELL A FRIEND”. If you can, encourage them to get help / seek help for them / make a referral for them to a professional/Community Health Service etc. If they are suicidal, tell their parent/partner/G.P. (if known) / Phone 000 - ambulance etc., as you cannot carry the responsibility / guilt for the rest of your life – many a parent/partner has been devastated by ‘not knowing when someone else did know’ and them not having a chance to say something to try and help, to possibly stop the suicide, creating their lifelong soul destroying agony. It is not your burden to carry for life, which affects other people’s lives connected to you too, especially if you were “made/pressured” to “promise” that “you wouldn’t say anything to anyone”. This type of pressure is invalid, especially when made by someone who is clinically very ill(see below), and who is “definitely not in the right frame of mind/capable of making a logical decision/thinking properly”.

See our other support websites such as: Suicideprevention.Com.Au , ASPF.Com.Au Depression.Com.Au YouthSuicide.Com.Au & BeyondBlue.Com.Au to name a few.

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